Posted on 24.10.2017
Written by Eva Ciga

If you own an ecommerce store acquiring more customers is essential to your business. But did you know that convincing a customer to buy is the real deal? Here are some techniques to convince customers to buy. 

The web is bombarded with tricked-out strategies that manipulate SEO or convince owners to create viral Youtube Campaigns to win customers. They overlook the basics and forget that in the modern world customers are subject to persuasion techniques, cognitive biases, psychological theories, etc.  

Having a solid foundation of excellent persuasion technique will give you an edge over your competitors. It will provide a deeper insight into why your visitors buy and the reason why some abandon the cart. Here is how you convince your customers to buy your ecommerce product; 


Ever received a gift from a friend that left you feeling obligated to return the favor? That is called the power of reciprocity. However, in this case, you have to take it a step further. Once you have offered an irresistible gift to your customers, don’t wait for the voluntary act from them. Take the opportunity and ask for the favor in return.  

Customers like bonuses, they help them to build compelling emotions around the brand. When customers receive bonuses they feel appreciated and happy. They find reasons to strongly connect to your brand.  At this point, they feel more obligated to return the favor by buying more from your store.   

In addition to bonuses, you can offer your customers a tripwire (a low priced product that is irresistible). This product should be designed not to bring profit but to convert a visitor into a loyal buyer.  

Alternatively, offer discounts and free gifts. This could be a welcome discount, product samples, free shipping, or a surprise free gift shipped with the ordered product. Moreover, you can pamper your existing customer by sending them appreciation notes and cards.  


Do not overlook the importance of a compelling, well-written, and detailed product description. Nowadays, online customers rely heavily on the web to learn about the products they want. Unless they get enough details they won’t be convinced to buy the product. For this reason, if the product description is lacking they will take the business elsewhere.  

Unturn all the stones and give rich descriptions using a simple and clear language. Explain every product feature and do not forget to include specs such as weight, measurements, materials, and the sizing charts. Give the information in bullets points to make it easily digestible. It’s paramount to articulate the superior value offered by the product features and how they enhance customers’ lives. Be specific and straightforward in your language of benefits but practice the highest standard of honesty.  


The description of the product is incredibly important but remember “a picture is worth a thousand words”. A rich product description is to be accompanied by quality product visuals.  

Produce large images that can be zoomed easily. The images should be of high resolution, free of clutter, and well-fit. The images should also be taken from different angles for easier identification of the product.  

Besides, the up close shots should include images of the product in its lifestyle setting ( the place where the product is used by the consumer). This will easily convince the customer since it makes them visualize utilizing the product in their everyday life.  

If your pockets are deep enough, set a budget for videos. This can be particularly effective for providing value-based descriptions and showing off 360 degrees product views in an incredible visual format.  


Even before the emergence of the social media, humans were naturally social. For this reason, they are influenced by their peers, especially if they highly regard them. Its social proof that makes your customer to base their buying action on the actions of those around them.  

Studies have shown that 7 out of 10 online shoppers trust online reviews. Moreover, over 6 out of 10 online shoppers are motivated by positive reviews to buy a product. Share counts, reviews, testimonials, and ratings contribute immensely to the social proof.  

Invite customers to give written reviews both positive and negative. Although it’s very tempting to remove the negatives reviews, you are better off letting them stay on your site. This is because customers will become suspicious if they only find positive reviews on your site. Instead of weeding out the negative reviews respond to them in a more constructive way. It helps to clear your brand image and enhance the user experience.  

In addition, it’s important to pay attention to what others say about your brand outside your site. Visit sites that exist explicitly for product reviews in a specific industry. Respond promptly to all the valid complaints.  


Customers are simply tempted to say yes to a product they like. This is influenced by two factors; one is the physical attraction. Studies have shown that if something or someone is physically attractive it is more persuasive. Two is a similarity. Customers are persuaded by products they can familiarize with.  

When it comes to ecommerce, the two factors can be translated into your store design. If you have a cleaner and more attractive site design, it will help you to convert quite easily.   


Online shoppers feel more attached to emotionally stimulating factors. They pay more attention to such product and downplay the others. So where do your products fall? Do they stimulate emotions? Or have you attached an emotion-evoking visual and messages to them? 

Conduct rigorous qualitative research and determine the emotional state of the visitors arriving on your site. Are they desperate or stressed when seeking the right solution? This will enable you to either take advantage of the visitors’ natural emotional state or change it to perfectly convince them to buy. Focus your energy on writing copies that will make an effective emotional appeal. 

In addition, customize your product images, font, and color since they hold an incredible emotional value. Be purposeful and authoritative when choosing these factors.   


Existing customers are the most valuable asset you have. Therefore, as you pursue more conversions do not overlook their importance. Studies have consistently shown that it’s easier and less expensive to convince your existing customers to buy than it is to attract new clients.  

For this reason, it’s important to sweet talk your existing customers. Make follow-ups after the customer purchase and thank them for their action. Add all the existing customers to an autoresponder sales funnel. This will make it easier for them to take advantage of the product offers, enjoy discounts, buy upgrades, or be part of a reward based referral program.  


Your product might not sell without being advertised. High-quality marketing campaigns convince more customers to buy. Actually, products that sell best are backed by a strong marketing strategy.  

By generating a buzz around the product, you make it known and create credible traffic to your site. Some of the best way to generate excitement include; publishing press releases, content marketing, email marketing, influencer shares, and pulling PR stunts.  


This is very important if you are looking to maintain momentum. It’s as simple as the name suggests, once you commit to offering something you should maintain your stance. Customers buy more from sites with actions and thoughts that are aligned.  

Remember once a customer makes a commitment they start engaging in self-persuasion. They justify their actions not only to themselves but also to their peers. One of the best ways of maintaining consistency is listing your business beliefs and attracting customers of similar ideas. If the beliefs resonate with your visitors, they will be convinced to buy. 


If you want to record more conversion, you must be easily reachable. Provide the exact and correct name of your business and the contact details. In addition, provide the link to your social media links to help your customers to stay in touch.  If you are easy to find customer will frequently visit your site at the expense of your competitor. Get the right support channel for your online business and the benefit will trickle down to the conversion rate.  


It’s not easy to turn visitors or potential customers into buyers or faithful customers. However, if you come up with a robust strategy based on the highlighted actions you will be amazed by the results.  

All the strategies are in line with the basics of your ecommerce conversion. But do not be inclined to neglecting them, they play an important role. They have the ability to make or break the growth of your business. The strategies form the foundation for some of the fancier conversion tricks. Once you have them in place you will be in a stronger position to attract more customer, retain existing ones and convert more easily.  

The strategies have proved their importance in ecommerce and are truly worth experimenting with. If you want to stand out and go beyond the regular, the strategies above give you the best way to build customer loyalty and increase the conversion rate.  

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