Posted on 31.10.2017
Written by Eva Ciga

Google analytic is an advent tool that delivers superb results when used correctly. It’s one of the best tools that help e-commerce businesses to optimize the impact of their online presence. Magnificent is the way this tool will help to understand the effectiveness of all the marketing efforts.

It presents a more straightforward and effective way to discern what is right or wrong. If you want to reach boundless success, Google analytic should be your close ally. It provides insights with invaluable information about your website, your traffic, and where they came from. In addition, the tool capacitates you to maximize your business for conversion and supercharge your sales.

Although Google analytics is simple in nature it can be overwhelming especially if you lack a digital marketing background. If you want to master the art of boosting business using this tool here are five features to help you boost your business.


What is e-commerce funnel visualization? A marketing expert would define “funnel” as the sequence of steps taken by a buyer to convert to a sale. On Google analytics “funnel” is the sequence/number of pages/channels the visitor goes through to complete the conversion.

Therefore, funnel visualization is a vital feature that helps you to identify the way visitors are flowing through your website. In a typical online store the funnel is homepage> categories pages> PDP (product details)> the cart> checkout procedure> conversion.

The e-commerce funnel visualization highlights the all flips sides of your checkout process. (See below)


Google analytics features

Once you set your goals on Google analytics and data starts accumulating, you will have the opportunity to evaluate your performance.  Check under conversion> goals > funnel visualization.

If you perform a knee-deep analysis on your e-commerce funnel, you will be able to determine why customers are not completing conversion process. It will clearly show you where there is a huge drop off on any of the process/funnel steps.

To get the most of the Google analytics funnel visualization functionality, set the funnels in a way that will measure how your site pages impact on the overall conversion. When setting up your goal, enter the web pages in an order that will effectively track them as individual funnel steps.

By default, Google Analytics calculates your goal conversion rate based on the total number of sessions to your site. For this reason, funnel visualization can also help in determining the number of visitors to a specific page. This vividly shows that e-commerce funnel visualization helps glean invaluable data. It helps you to see beyond the total conversion rate for your business performance analysis.


All successful online business owners know that bringing qualified traffic to their site is paramount. Understanding the action of your visitors is a crucial step to acquiring the elusive conversion rates.

Have you set up a site search on your site? By setting up a site search using Google analytics you get the chance to derive amazing insights. The internal site search statistics help you drive more sales on your e-commerce store. It helps you identify the most crucial paths for your potential customers. When utilized optimally, site search can deliver meaningful data that helps you to tailor your site to the need of potential visitors.

Setting up site search on Google analytic is a breeze. You just go to admin> view settings> scroll down>enable the feature>enter the desired query parameters.

Once you set the desired parameters, data will start accumulating.  By going to the Behavior> site search, you will obtain an overview menu with invaluable data. The tab looks like this;

Google analytics features

The next step is interpreting the data, from the above overview it’s clearly evident 4.54% of your visits used the site search. There is 33.95% of search exits, this means 33.95% of visitors exited the site after the initial site search. Then, 17.89% of the visitors type an additional search after performing the site search.

In addition, the bottom right corner list the number of most searched terms. In our case, Kurtis is the most popular search. Using this data, the e-commerce should put more effort on Kurtis and add descriptive text and fill all the voids in the pages. Another idea would be to add catchy images of Kurtis products on the home page of the online store.

In summary, Google analytic site search helps you to;

  • Optimize website usability
  • Identify potential keywords
  • Identify product expansion opportunities


The Google analytics multi-channel funnels is an excellent feature to make note of. It is important to measure the clicks that happen throughout the visitors’ search right from the beginning to the end. This means you need to pay close attention to a number of different channels instead of focusing on the clicks before sales. The Google analytics multi-channel feature makes this possible. So how does this incredible feature work?

First, it’s good to understand the channels involved in the online marketing process; display, search, social, email, affiliates, custom campaigns, etc. These aspects affect what your visitors see an impact on their decision. This means measuring and gathering data based on the events right before conversion is not a good strategy. There are a lot of aspects that might have directed visitors to that page.

Google analytic multi-channel functionality helps you to monitor and analyze the performance of every aspect. The multi-channel funnels let you analyze the assisted conversion, time lag, path length, and the top conversion paths. It’s vital in identifying the better performing traffic channels and those that are futile. It helps you to make changes that will convince visitors to make that conversion since you already know where your traffic is coming from. You will have the opportunity to invest more of your resource in channels that offer the best ROI.

Google analytics featuresGoogle analytics features

Assisted conversions show the interactions (except the final interaction) the visitors have with your site leading up the conversion. These conversions help you to credit the specific organic as the major contributor the conversion.

Google analytics features

The top conversion paths indicate unique conversion paths leading up to the conversion. It gives the exact number of conversions from each path. In addition, this data gives you the value of the conversions and detail the exact interaction between the channel and the conversion path.


Understanding your mobile audience is important. But why? Although desktop traffic converts much better, mobile traffic dominates. By focusing your attention on the mobile audience you will be casting a wide net to boost the conversion rate.

Smartphones are dominating desktop devices and figures speak volumes. In 2013, a page out of 8 was viewed via a mobile device, the use of mobile devices has doubled in the last 3 years. A study [1] by pew research center revealed that 77% of American owns a smartphone device. Moreover,

  • 15% of those who own smartphones have limited options for online access.
  • 10% of smartphones owners do not have other ways of getting online.

This data highlight the importance of taking your mobile audience seriously. Although sometimes mobile conversions are not possible, it’s good to trust this Google analytics feature.

To break down the devices that your visitors prefer, go to audience> mobile> overview. This will give you an overview report that segment traffic into mobile, tablets, and desktop devices.

Google Analytics features

By comparing the traffic engagement for this case, over 50% of the traffic was generated from mobile devices.


To get boost the productivity of your e-commerce site, finer details may mean the difference between success and failure.

  • Do you know the most popular browser used by your visitors?
  • What browsers are visitors using for conversions?
  • Are there problems with certain browsers that when fixed would improve your rate of conversion?

Finding the answers to this question will help you to supercharge the productivity of your site. It will help you to identify the devices to prioritize when doing your ad targeting. In addition, you will have the opportunity to target the right browsers when redesigning your site.

To get an overview of the performance of the browser go to standard reporting> audience> technology> browser and OS (operating system).

Google analytics features

By clicking through to each of the browser you will get an insight into the browser versions used by your visitors. The data helps you to analyze customer’s conversion by browser type and version.


All the features described above can be implemented on Google analytics. Just know, the competition is getting stiff by day, but if you are smart enough you will get your share.

Before implementing the Google analytic feature you must forecast how they will impact your business. If you conceptualize an incredible idea, these features will help you to create the magnificent user experience and increase your business’ conversion and revenue per visitor.

Overall, Google analytic is a valuable tool that will help you to monitor the efficiency of your online business. It helps you to get the best out of your marketing efforts regardless of the size of the e-commerce business.

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