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Posted on 30.5.2017
Written by Eva Ciga

Utilising the Internet to expand sales and offer new customer services is almost common sense today. However, setting up a reliable system is still easier said than done. An efficient credit card merchant account should accept all major credit cards as a first step. Accepting credit card payments over the Internet, mobile phone, or even through mail payments opens a business to a wider audience. Linking mobile devices with credit cards can offer another avenue of payment. Just as many gas stations now utilise a key fob for pay-at-the-pump convenience. With well-implemented mobile and Internet payment portals, any salesperson can execute their own sales while on the road.  So start accepting global payments should be the first step for small online business on the journey to go global.

Beyond accepting credit card payment and all global payments, online services can be expanded to provide customer account management tools. Allowing clients to view orders resolve invoices, and request paperwork and receipts at any time of the day or night without the need to spend manpower is crucial. Recurring orders can be established for efficient business-to-business transactions and for supply chain management.

Compared to larger companies, smaller businesses will better benefit from credit card processing as it gives them a way to level the field with their counterparts. Whether operating from a store or online. In e-commerce, everyone is on the same plane, and your small business has the same chance of getting customers as much as the more established ones. With a number of potential clients lured in by this technology, before you know it, your “small” business will not be so small anymore.

Selling online is like having a 24 X 7 shop that sells across the world. There is no timeline, no currency issues, and no need for staff. The entire transaction can be processed on a web portal. However, a business requires an online payment method for selling products or services on a website.

This method of making online payments is often referred as a payment gateway. It facilitates a financial transaction between the buyer and the seller. It is extremely safe and secure. There is no scope of fraud or misuse. The entire transaction is processed within minutes.

Advantage of using Global Payment System


With no restriction on operating hours of your online business, customers are able to go to the website and make payments 24/7. This essentially benefits businesses greatly as it attracts business worldwide.

An increase in customer sales

Today, most of the customers rely on plastic cash, rather than carrying hard cash every time. With 6 out of 10 customers preferring credit card payment over cash payments, it becomes crucial for any business unit to accept plastic payments if it wishes to increase its sales. A retail merchant account setup allows a business unit to accept the credit/debit card payments and thereby boost their customer sales significantly.

Global audience

It enables businesses to offer online and global payment solutions. With an increased target audience, products and services can be offered across the continents, dealing with an array of currencies. Accepting global payments will help small business to grow.

A retail merchant account also allows any retail business unit to accept credit card payments and all such related categories of payments including wireless, electronic payments, etc. Such an account empowers a retailer with the tools to make his life easier at the professional front. Just imagine, how bad it can be if an entrepreneur has to turn down his customer only because he cannot accept their preferred mode of payment.

The best about using these accounts is that the customer would not have to be redirected to another website to make the payment. He or she could make all payments on your website since you accept all sorts of payments. This would improve your customer satisfaction as well as improve your customer base.

An excellent merchant account company offers an all-in-one package for you at the lowest rates and provides protection for your business against fraud. They can also accomplish reports and give management tools without additional cost. These experts will guide you through your application for online payment and help tailor solutions for your company based on your requirements. They guarantee that you will receive the utmost customer satisfaction, no matter if you have a small or large business.

In Conclusion

A good payment gateway ensures that transactions are processed smoothly without any disruptions. Errors like run-time errors or downtime errors can affect the business. Customers are very impatient. They may leave the site if there are any technical errors in the application. Choose a reliable and efficient payment gateway interface for the website.

Using Areto Systems processing to accept online payments is a simple, secure way for merchants to accept online payments. It helps businesses reduce spending associated with billing and streamlines the payment process. By automating the payment process, Areto Systems processing allows your organisation to offer customers a convenient method for managing their payments online. Plus, it is a great green initiative for organisations since it naturally reduces paper and ink waste.  Through Areto Systems credit card processing you can conduct your business in the least amount of time. You can save time because transactions are made easily. You do not need to look and calculate for change since only the full amount is credited. It is convenient and allows you to get payments from your customers anywhere. Even in their own place of business.

Areto Systems credit card processing allows you to transact business in any part of the world. Payment from your customers goes through right away. It saves you from waiting for many days if not even months just to receive payment.

Using their services is a dream for buyers and sellers alike. Their checkout system allows for a quick and seamless online transaction that simply processes a payment with the click of a button. Your customers can even pay you from their mobile phone rather than waiting until they get home to their computer. No more waiting for a cheque in the mail. That alone is a good reason why you should use Areto Systems to process your payments.

Take advantage of these benefits and more by opening an Areto Systems processing account today. Start accepting global payments from all major credit cards and help to grow your online business worldwide.

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