Credit Card Processing
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Expand your potential. Find new customers. Get credit card processing setup on your website and start accepting payments from all customers worldwide. Find out more about our credit card processing solution and what we can offer you.

Credit Card Processing

How it works

Merchant Account

You need a merchant account – we can provide that! A merchant account is an account open by our banking partners in which any funds received from your customers’ debit and credit cards are received. Grow your online business with our credit card processing solutions and merchant account. Find out more about our credit card processing solutions and what we can offer you.


Payment Gateway

You also need a technical payment gateway. This is where your website will connect to, either through a hosted payment page, a plugin or API. Your sales transactions are sent to the ARETOPAY payment gateway, validated and processed accordingly. We can also provide that!




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Documents required and why?

  • Corporate documentation
  • Owner documentation
  • Product information
  • Business model

Accepting credit card payments on your website requires a merchant account. To open such an account a boarding process exists, and also compliance policies exist. Such documentation is required in order to verify the owners of the business, verify the actual company, and also to ensure that the product or service sold and business model abides by Visa and MasterCard’s rules and the bank’s policies.

It’s like opening a traditional bank account – the bank requires documents. A merchant account is no different.


Merchant account

from 1.75% per transaction

rates depend on the industry and monthly volume processed. For more specific pricing, you can check our pricing.

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Payment gateway

from € 0.15 per transaction

price depends on the industry. Monthly fee starts at €25. Visit our pricing more more information.

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