Posted on 4.10.2018
Written by Eva Ciga

The nutritional supplement industry is hypercompetitive, and it exhibits no signs of cooling off. In fact, it’s anticipated the industry will continue budding aggressively with new companies sprouting every day. This means the plethora of sports nutrition vitamins, supplements, and suchlike products in the already flooded market will continue competing for the ostensibly infinitesimal market share.

On the other hand, the increasingly knowledgeable consumers are spending precious time researching to acquire new knowledge to discern authentic and fake products. For this reason, customers have become sensitive to the marketing content and anything that evoke memories a fake product is quickly trashed. To outshine your competitor and remain true to your customers you must come up with a genuinely distinctive concept to drive your marketing campaign.

Your marketing tactics must be precise, informative, and highly accessible to an extensive population. The strategies should help your brand stand out and remain highly differentiated from the rest of the pack. Here are 7 sales-boosting strategies that you can utilize to market nutritional supplements and breathe fresh air into your brand.

Establish a differentiator

You have spent massive amounts of resource (time and money) researching, creating, and promoting your nutritional supplement. You don’t want to be outperformed by other products, or worse; be confused for a product that has grossed a bad reputation. To stay on top, you must come up with a unique concept or a differentiator. Something that will deliver vivid and expressive value, not just a quirky feature or an abstraction.

Nutritional supplement launch statistic has found that only one out of seven products gains lasting success. In addition, a highly differentiated and effective nutritional supplement has five times greater probability of success over ordinary products. For this reason, your product stands a better chance of exceptional success only if it features a differentiator; maybe in its effectiveness or the way it’s produced. Highlight the exclusive strength of your product to create attention and boost profitability.

Once you find the unique position for your brand/product, aim to deliver efficacy. Nothing ruins a nutritional product faster than the failure to stay good to your claim. Any promise made on the label must be backed up with authenticity to enhance customer experience and foster trust. Otherwise, any lie will be disseminated across the internet, and it won’t take long before your product is dead.

Be innovative

Let’s be realistic, most of the nutritional supplements out there are copycats; either in the way, they are packaged or formulated. If you can deviate from the norm and develop an innovative edge over your competitors, you will get impressive sales results. However, any ground-breaking marketing tactic for nutritional supplement calls for unprecedented patience, taking your time while planning is absolutely essential.

Additionally, to attain successful positioning, your product must deliver results not gotten from others. Its benefits should be easy to understand, better, and relevant with regard to the target consumers. Remember your product has to prove itself and outshine what is already available. Being innovative makes it easy to achieve this and capture customer’s attention which in turn gives the product the opportunity to beat others to the punch.

Be true to yourself

Your prospects are only passionate about their fitness and health. They are in search of a nutritional supplement that can give what they want. On the other hand, you are in the nutritional supplement industry because of passion for health and probably the desire to help others. Your story should shine through in the veins of your product.

Your story and links to a healthy life can inspire others and make them want to seek viable solutions. Delivering authentic emotional quality and showing connections to your nutritional supplement can be the turning point for your prospects. It can establish a personal connection between the customer and the product and open a steady sales funnel.

There are many nutritional supplements on the market offering that same value that you are. But by remaining true to yourself and telling a genuine story awakens the customer’s interest and permits your humanity to drive sales. It makes you an ambassador for your products whereas the connections make customers feel like a family.

Become a requisite resource

There is no denying, more and more consumers of nutritional supplements are buying products online. However, this doesn’t make it easy to sell online even when all the other aspects are met. Customers are spending a lot of hours researching before making the buying decision. To boost your sales, your e-commerce channel must be an indispensable educational resource to the consumer. Pass true value by explaining how your product can enhance the wellbeing of the customers. This way prospects will find it easy to make informed decisions while on your website, thus they will most likely buy your nutritional supplement.

Leverage smartphone technology

The advent of smartphones has made it easier for customers to buy products through mobile devices. Do not ignore this fact, when marketing your nutritional supplement. Most Android and iPhone apps are generally developed to aid the consumer, but they can also influence your experience with the customers.

One way of leveraging the smartphone technology is creating mobile-friendly versions of your website. Include promotions via QR codes on your product package to give past customers who are mobile users an incentive to return. Besides, you can create a mobile application that enhances your credibility and allows your prospects to learn more about your product.

You can also implement, informative chat boxes to allow customers to ask questions about the product. By answering all customer questions, you will create intimate interactions and enable customers to make buying decisions quickly.

Do not underestimate the power of video marketing

Does your budget allow you to have professionally created infomercials designed to air on televisions? This may be time-consuming and demand a fortune of investment, but when implemented impeccably it can boosts sales remarkably. The television commercial gets your product in front of many eyes, and if it’s authentic, you will have to increase the production to sustain the demand.

However, if you are budget conscious, create your own YouTube channel. Marketing your product heavily via YouTube is an easy tactic to create awareness. The modern culture is very visual and using expertly produced videos can be an exceptional strategy to catapult your product to the next level.  Post short videos explaining how every facet of your product aids the well-being of your customers. Make sure the videos are short and include a little humor to keep the viewer grilled to the end.

Master social and local media

Another great way of boosting the sales of your nutritional supplement is creating awareness via social media. Create Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media accounts. Make sure your product logo and branding are the same across all the social media platforms and website. Accounts alone won’t bring followers; post click-worthy and shareable content that will make the product stand out. In addition, comment on other similar Facebook pages and retweet followers who share content relevant to your product. This will bring attention to your social media account which you can use to engage consumers and promote your product.

Better still, you can leverage the power of local media and magazines. Take time to create catchy ads that can be posted in newspapers, magazines, and over the radio to create awareness. The approach, editorial teams of beauty, fitness, medical, or health magazines and request to have your ads posted. These are time-tested channels that can raise product awareness to boost sales.

However, the wealth of advertisement on social media platforms, radio, magazines, and television make marketing challenging. For this reason, it wise to utilize every avenue that is available, to increase the chances of achieving desirable results. Also, utilizing an omnichannel marketing tactic can help you harmonize all your print ads with a digital blog or online web. This way, credibility will shine through, and customers will learn more about your product digitally.


It takes consistency and effort to keep your nutritional supplements on top in the highly competitive market. Consumers rely heavily on marketers, and by utilizing these strategies, you will be driving home your message to create brand awareness and increase sales. When implemented properly, the strategies we have highlighted above will be completely indispensable to the success of your brand.


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