Smartphone can now enhance your security in a smart way

Posted on 4.10.2016
Written by aretosystems_rqs40k

Are you looking for a convenient method to keep all your online payments away from fraud? Then this will surely be good news for you! Believe it or not, any smartphone that you can purchase from the market are actually smart enough to keep you away from fraudulent activities when you do transactions. In other words, you can simply use your smartphone in order to authenticate financial service providers such as credit card companies and banks.

Stay safer from anti-fraud threats on your mobile payments

From a recent study that was conducted by Federal Trade Commission, it has been identified that smartphones contain a lot of valuable information related to its owner. They include information related to bank accounts, email accounts and other types of sensitive information. People prefer to store their sensitive information in smartphones due to convenience. However, they don’t need to worry about anything because of the new authentication technology. This one embraces the smartphone security in a new way. It has given people the opportunity to make online payments with a hassle free mind.

Online payment process is nothing new to the world. However, people had to take the risk of dealing with digital fraudsters when they make a payment through an online wallet. Prevention of these fraud activities became somewhat challenging for the financial service providers. That´s because of the rapid increase of fraud activities. However, new and innovative technologies came to their survival. Using information stored in the smartphone in order to verify the customer is one such method. It is the same way that fraudsters use in order to get access to the sensitive information of people. Using smartphone security technology for digital fraud protection is much effective when compared to the traditional anti fraud methods that the banks follow. That’s because smartphones contain a lot of information about customers.

smartphone security

New anti-fraud protection for better smartphone security

At the moment, the fraud protection experts are working hard in order to develop a dedicated technology along with a credit bureau in order to make the life easy for people. The existing credit bureau only keeps track of negative remarks on the credit score along with missed payments. In other words, it disregards all sorts of positive actions. As a result, people who just miss one or two payments will become harsh penalty. This new technology has the potential to provide some relief for such individuals. It is done by taking a big picture of the financial history of an individual. This technology uses the information effectively to get a better understanding about a specific individual.

The popularity of smartphones is increasing day by day. On the other hand, new technologies are being introduced to these devices as well. Therefore, people will get the opportunity to experience a variety of convenient authentication methods in the future. People have a positive impression about these new technologies as well. When more and more people embrace this new and innovative technology, the device manufacturers will have to pay special attention towards smartphone security features offered by them. It will help people to stay away from the hassle associated with fraudsters in the long run.

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